Sunday, November 1, 2009

Trick or treat

A lot of post I've been reading having been about holloween. I don't remember tricks or treating when I was a kid although I suppose I did since we lived in a neighborhood with ...... oh yah, those "mean" boys. :) so maybe I didn't. Actually they turned out to be ok - one was even my escort at the homecoming dance. ( I was a homecoming queen attendant). I think my kids dressed up - but B would remember if they did or didn't. I do remember that we had kids come to our door when we lived in Austin, MN- lots of kids. One year as the evening got later we had bigger kids - bigger than our neighborhood kids. We lived on a circle and when Lowell looked down the road he saw cars and when we asked the kids where they lived they said "Northwest" hmmmm we lived Southwest. We were giving candy to big kids we didn't have a clue who they were. ------I had two dressed up kids come to my house this year - grandkids. One was a princess and the other a pirate.
I have never liked scary movies, haunted houses or anything of that sort so this week was very sparse for tv programs to watch. Although yesterday ALL day was NCIS one of my favorite shows. I really like Abby. Guess I'm rambling -
but totally unrelated: Got a text from David the truck driver, my son and neighbor, saying that he unexpectedly met up with Randy (my son the truck driver from Oregon) in Wyoming where they had lunch. They used to meet quite frequently but their routes have changed considerably so it doesn't happen nearly as often. Oh, and David said he met "Winter". He drove about 200 miles in a snow storm. Yuck!! I'll stop rambling now.