Wednesday, January 30, 2008


As I'm writing this it is 16 below zero with a little breeze. I sure hope this is the last of the really cold days and night. Another day and it will be February - can Spring be far behind?
I was talking to a grand daughter tonight who lives in southern oregon - they had a school snow day today. I smiled when she told me that. Their snow days consist of maybe an inch or so. Her dad told me (when he first moved to Oregon) that he laughed at people who panicked at an inch of snow.
I'm going to bed now and snuggle under my warm blanket and sleep this cold night away.


This is "Ollie" (and Lowell) When I was returning some mail that was put in our box by mistake I saw this cute dog. When I asked about her the neighbor said she belonged to her sister who was on her honeymoon. A few days later she called and asked if I wanted the dog - the sister was moving to Montana and couldn't take the dog. So I bought her. It was July of 2006 and we were rehearsing for "Oliver" (Northern Lights Opera Company). Hence "Ollie" She's a fun dog and very smart. I hung a bell on the back door and she learn how to ring it when she wanted outside. (Thanks Jan) She also knows it gets my attention for other things, too, such as "I need water" or "how about a treat"

Friday, January 25, 2008

Pink Booties

Barbara (my daughter) told me this story - Lowell says it's true - I just asked him.

The church (Faith) had a valentine's party and each person was to put in a jar what first attracted them to their spouse. The game was then for each person to pull out a piece of paper and guess who the couple was. One slip no one could figure out. It said "her pink booties."It was Dad's. He said he was first attracted to Mom's pink booties. Growing up in the same church and he being 11 years older - it's possible that he saw her pink booties. He did tell me that he remembered holding her when she was 1 week old and thinking to himself "what's the big deal?" And he had no idea he would marry her 18 years later.

Thursday, January 24, 2008


This is one of my favorite pictures I've taken in the last few years. I'm by my back door looking at the beautiful sunset


This was taken at the fair in Redwood - I think the summer we were married. We look so young and slender :)


When I read through my last blog and thinking about this one I realized I didn't have a lot of common sense when I was 18. I guess I never had to put common sense to work :)
Lowell's dad brought us 101 leghorn chickens that first summer. Again I knew nothing but this time I did learn how to collect eggs without getting attacked by the chickens Would you believe we got 100 eggs a day? It became my job to clean the eggs and put them in a 30 dozen carton. Those cartons were divided so that there were 15 dozen eggs on each side. I put the carton on a chair so that I didn't have to lean down too far. Can you guess where this one's going? :) I intended to fill one side and then do the other side which made sense at the time. Well, my carton tipped and I had eggs all over the floor. Eggs really put a good shine on the floor!!
Lowell was a very patient husband - I'm sure he thought "impure" thoughts at the time but he kept his cool.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

A brides first year

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Linda's blog about a completely different life made me think of the first year Lowell and I were married. I grew up in a small town in Southern Minnesota with a brother, a stay at home mom and a dad who loved his profession as master electrician. I don't think I was spoiled but other people might think so because I really didn't want for much except what most teenagers want. In other words I lived in a nice home, had nice clothes, always warm and never hungry. Then I fell in love with this farmer/truck driver. Our families knew each other - in fact Lowell's brother worked with my grandpa and later my dad as an electrician. We all went to the same church and when Lowell and I got married 3/4 of the church became related but that was ok because they didn't all agree at the same time anyway.
Anyway we were married in June and moved to a farm that Lowell was renting about 30 miles from Redwood. I loved it!! One of my first memories of that summer is this: Lowell couldn't get the tracker to start. He hooked a chain to our 49 Ford and asked me to pull the tractor. You all know where this is going. right? I didn't slowly start forward - I just drove and Lowell about flew off the tractor's seat. Well, I really was glad we were newlyweds. How was I suppose to know how pull anything - he never told me, my dad never told me. I have since learned and pulled my share of tractors and pickups. It is NOT my favorite thing to do.
More of that first year later.

Monday, January 14, 2008


I've never watched or listened to so much basketball as I have in the last 7 or 8 years. Starting with grandson, Zac when he was in H.S. Then Janessa when she was in H.S. Now Hannah in H.S. Besides that Zac is playing ball at Valley City State in N.D. He's a junior and although I have not seen any of his games in person I can listen to them over the internet. Now Janessa as a freshman is playing for Penn State and I watched her in person yesterday at Williams Arena at the U of M. Although they lost, Janessa did well and played for over 30 minutes. Most of her other games I "watch" by Gametracker on the internet or the Big 10 station on TV.

Almost all of Sharon's family was there; My daughter, Karen and her family were there; as well as many people from the commuity and church. Janessa was so gracious when she came out to visit with us after the game. I think it was kind of hard for her to smile but she did and we got lots of pictures.

Oh yes, Bria, Janessa's 10 yr old sister, got to be water girl. During the half time a group of gymnastics from the Fargo area put on a show. Boy!! were they good. Simone (3) watched very intenstly. I told David "maybe you better keep an eye on her" She loves to jump from 3 or 4 steps to the living room floor - I can just see her trying those gymnastics moves.

I rode down with Paster Mark, his family and several other church people. (David and his family went down saturday) However I can home with David and Sharon. We went to eat at the Country Buffet in Maple Grove. Most of Sharon's family ate there and Karen's family. We had a good time which we always do when we're altogether.

It is so great that Sharon's family and my family all get along well - Sharon's mom and I are good friends. Sometimes I think we are a unusual family because you here so many stories about families that don't get along with each other let alone getting along with inlaws.

Saturday, January 12, 2008


I need to practice more!!!! The IKMT (Independant Keyboard Music Teachers) sponsored a piano workshop for our students and concert for them and the general public this morning. The group of 12 from Northwestern Bible College (Roseville, MN) performed piano duets as well as solos. They were so good!!!! Some of the composers represented were: Debussy, Dvorak, Bizet, Bach, Ravel. Mussorgsky and my favorite, Rachmanifoff.

A lot of these pieces I could have played at one time but my fingers have slowed down (and maybe my brain). But just listening to those young people inspired me to get out a couple of piece and learn them again.

So now I change hats from musician to farmers wife and pull the hose from the basement so we can water the horses.

Thursday, January 10, 2008


I've revamped my teaching schedule. I'm now teaching 2 full days instead of two or 3 students on Monday and 1 or 2 on thursday. Since I have several home school students I can put everyone on Tuesday and Wednesday. It really seemed strange not to teach this last Monday-I've taught Mon - Thursday for so many years. I will say that I was really tired when Tuesday evening came. My last student is quite hyper - apparently he is on medication on some sort. Anyway his dad told me the medication had been changed so he may be a bit more hyper than usual. I'd say so!!! wow. I had a bit of trouble keeping him on task. But I remembered how David was when he was little. I'm sure his teachers said "wow", too. I love teaching. It is so much fun to show them how to play piano.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Hi Linda,
As I was reading your blog this morning it reminded me of the time we packed our 4 door dodge car with 4 kids and a dog and drove from Austin, Mn to Bemidji.

It was the summer David was born. My mom and dad bought a house on a lake by Bemidji and for one reason and another it took them all summer to get moved. They gave us the key to the house and for almost 2 weeks we lived with no radio, TV, or furniture. We did have a few beds and the stove and refrigerator were there.

Lowell put a piece of plywood to fill in the back seat for 2 kids with room for suitcases underneath and 1/2 piece from front seat to back window for one other kid. While Randy (10) and Barbara(7) were "discussing" who was going to get the top "bunk" Karen (3) claimed it. Ginger, our boxer, rode in the trunk - it had a few holes in it so she had air to breathe. And David, (2 wks) slept in the front seat between Lowell and me. Of course, these were the days before mandated car seats.

I remember at one gas station the attendant commented on the "full" car. Lowell in his dead pan way said "oh ,we have a dog in the trunk, too" at which the attendant gave us a very strange look.

At some point on our drive the spare tire blew - poor Ginger -but she survived

When mom and dad left the house dad reminded us that we were to close the flue in the fireplace when we weren't using it. We said "oh, we'll probably not use it at all" Well, they were hardly down the driveway when we decided to start a fire. And for the rest of the vacation we cooked hot dogs and beans in the fireplace. We had a wonderful time.