Thursday, January 24, 2008


When I read through my last blog and thinking about this one I realized I didn't have a lot of common sense when I was 18. I guess I never had to put common sense to work :)
Lowell's dad brought us 101 leghorn chickens that first summer. Again I knew nothing but this time I did learn how to collect eggs without getting attacked by the chickens Would you believe we got 100 eggs a day? It became my job to clean the eggs and put them in a 30 dozen carton. Those cartons were divided so that there were 15 dozen eggs on each side. I put the carton on a chair so that I didn't have to lean down too far. Can you guess where this one's going? :) I intended to fill one side and then do the other side which made sense at the time. Well, my carton tipped and I had eggs all over the floor. Eggs really put a good shine on the floor!!
Lowell was a very patient husband - I'm sure he thought "impure" thoughts at the time but he kept his cool.


Brownie said...

I don't remember that story!

LindaSue said...

keep 'em coming!