Saturday, November 6, 2010

Obviously not a deer hunter

One very foggy morning many years ago Lowell came into the house and announced "the horses are gone". At that time we had about 9 head - why? I don't know. So we loaded a saddle and a couple of pails of oats in the back of the pickup and started looking. We found them in the field just North East of us not far from home. When the horses heard the pickup they knew there would be oats in it so it wasn't hard for Lowell to catch Smokey and put a saddle on him. As he started across the field with all the horses following him it suddenly occurred to him that it was OPENING DEER SEASON. So he put his head down by Smokey's ear, slapped him on the rump and said "Let's go". As he and all the horses galloped across the field toward home he was pretty sure there were several dear hunters annoyed with him.