Thursday, January 21, 2010


Ollie, my little dog was attached by a BIG dog last week. This big dog lives down the road and seems to be able to roam the neighborhood at will. He and a another dog friend make regular rounds and I have had to scare them off my yard a few times. Before I realized they were around one of the bit Ollie. I didn't think it was real serious at first because Ollie ran into the house but when I tried to pick her up she cried and snapped at me. Saturday I took her in to the vet and he discovered she had 3 punctures. One of them quite serious and she was terribly bruised. So the vet cleaned the sores, gave her a shot and sent me home with some pills. Today she is pretty much back to normal although you can still see the sore. He suggested I shoot these dogs with bird shot. Hmmmmm. I wouldn't know what gun to use or how to use it -- maybe David can show me when he gets home. So now when I let my dogs out I look around to make sure these big dogs are not on the yard. It's most annoying.