Friday, December 3, 2010


So on Thanksgiving day I open the door at my daughter in laws mothers house and my 6 year old grand daughter takes me by the hand and says "let me help you up the stairs, grandma, now that you are blind" BLIND? hmmmmmm. Simone had heard only part of a converstaion that her mother had with someone and this is the story she told her older sister - "Grandma got poked in the eye and mom had to take her to the emergancy room and now she is blind in one eye?" So Janessa asked me what really happened. So this is MY story - at my last eye exam the dr. told me I had cataracts and he suggested I have them removed. So on November 22 my daughter in law took me to Bemidji to have the surgery. Dr. Shanfeld must be an early morning person because we had to be there at 6:50. He did the surgery on my right eye and we were home by 10:00. I had to go back for a post op the next day and again my daughter in law did the driving. I'm glad we had to go right away in the morning because the weather got kind of nasty and roads a bit slippery. The next ten days my eyes tried to cooperate with each other and didn't always succeed. Neither my regular glasses nor my music classes helped. I could see distances pretty good without any glasses but reading music was a challange. So yesterday when I went to see my PR eye doctor I said "help - I need to see my music" And he did by having me get a pair of reading glasses. So now I can see my music!!! Maybe I was a bit blind after all. I have the other eye done December 20.