Thursday, January 10, 2008


I've revamped my teaching schedule. I'm now teaching 2 full days instead of two or 3 students on Monday and 1 or 2 on thursday. Since I have several home school students I can put everyone on Tuesday and Wednesday. It really seemed strange not to teach this last Monday-I've taught Mon - Thursday for so many years. I will say that I was really tired when Tuesday evening came. My last student is quite hyper - apparently he is on medication on some sort. Anyway his dad told me the medication had been changed so he may be a bit more hyper than usual. I'd say so!!! wow. I had a bit of trouble keeping him on task. But I remembered how David was when he was little. I'm sure his teachers said "wow", too. I love teaching. It is so much fun to show them how to play piano.


LindaSue said...

how young do you take students? I hope you'll have two new students eventually!

Peg said...

LindaSue tole me to check out your blog...I did and enjoyed it. We also hope you'll have 2 new students soon...namely Luke and Susanna.