Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Hi Linda,
As I was reading your blog this morning it reminded me of the time we packed our 4 door dodge car with 4 kids and a dog and drove from Austin, Mn to Bemidji.

It was the summer David was born. My mom and dad bought a house on a lake by Bemidji and for one reason and another it took them all summer to get moved. They gave us the key to the house and for almost 2 weeks we lived with no radio, TV, or furniture. We did have a few beds and the stove and refrigerator were there.

Lowell put a piece of plywood to fill in the back seat for 2 kids with room for suitcases underneath and 1/2 piece from front seat to back window for one other kid. While Randy (10) and Barbara(7) were "discussing" who was going to get the top "bunk" Karen (3) claimed it. Ginger, our boxer, rode in the trunk - it had a few holes in it so she had air to breathe. And David, (2 wks) slept in the front seat between Lowell and me. Of course, these were the days before mandated car seats.

I remember at one gas station the attendant commented on the "full" car. Lowell in his dead pan way said "oh ,we have a dog in the trunk, too" at which the attendant gave us a very strange look.

At some point on our drive the spare tire blew - poor Ginger -but she survived

When mom and dad left the house dad reminded us that we were to close the flue in the fireplace when we weren't using it. We said "oh, we'll probably not use it at all" Well, they were hardly down the driveway when we decided to start a fire. And for the rest of the vacation we cooked hot dogs and beans in the fireplace. We had a wonderful time.

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