Monday, January 14, 2008


I've never watched or listened to so much basketball as I have in the last 7 or 8 years. Starting with grandson, Zac when he was in H.S. Then Janessa when she was in H.S. Now Hannah in H.S. Besides that Zac is playing ball at Valley City State in N.D. He's a junior and although I have not seen any of his games in person I can listen to them over the internet. Now Janessa as a freshman is playing for Penn State and I watched her in person yesterday at Williams Arena at the U of M. Although they lost, Janessa did well and played for over 30 minutes. Most of her other games I "watch" by Gametracker on the internet or the Big 10 station on TV.

Almost all of Sharon's family was there; My daughter, Karen and her family were there; as well as many people from the commuity and church. Janessa was so gracious when she came out to visit with us after the game. I think it was kind of hard for her to smile but she did and we got lots of pictures.

Oh yes, Bria, Janessa's 10 yr old sister, got to be water girl. During the half time a group of gymnastics from the Fargo area put on a show. Boy!! were they good. Simone (3) watched very intenstly. I told David "maybe you better keep an eye on her" She loves to jump from 3 or 4 steps to the living room floor - I can just see her trying those gymnastics moves.

I rode down with Paster Mark, his family and several other church people. (David and his family went down saturday) However I can home with David and Sharon. We went to eat at the Country Buffet in Maple Grove. Most of Sharon's family ate there and Karen's family. We had a good time which we always do when we're altogether.

It is so great that Sharon's family and my family all get along well - Sharon's mom and I are good friends. Sometimes I think we are a unusual family because you here so many stories about families that don't get along with each other let alone getting along with inlaws.

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LindaSue said...

I find myself checking the Penn State Lady Lions scores...and I'm an Ohio State fan! It's so cool they're both doing so well :)

I agree with you about the in-law stuff. I really enjoy my in-laws, especially my MIL. She's a remarkable lady :)