Friday, February 29, 2008


When our kids were home we had a least 4 dogs: A yellow lab, a black lab, a Pekingese and poodle. When the kids were gone and we no longer had all these dogs I told Lowell that I would like to choose my own dog. I wanted a Boxer. So 16 years ago we bought a 6 week old dark brindle puppy with a black mask. She fit nicely in my lap when we brought her home. We named her "Emma" and we loved that dog. Well, she grew and she grew and she grew until she was about 125 pounds. She still wanted to be on my lap but it just wasn't going to happen. My brother said she looked like a beached whale when she was stretched out on the living room floor.
After David and Sharon moved out here Emma put on many miles between our house and theirs. But she never did learn to leave their cat "oopsie" alone. In fact that first summer Oopsie spent most of day up a tree. But one day she'd had enough and used her claws like cats do and really gave her all to Emma. Well, Emma's lip and tongue bled a little but that didn't stop her from bothering the cat.
Six years ago this coming July she died. We had had very hot and humid weather so we had Emma go outside and lay in the grassy shade. When Lowell went to bring her in he found her dead. She had been up the hill several times that day and we think he heart just gave out with the heat and exertion. We called Zac to help dig a hole for her in our pet cemetery. The ground was so hard that it took Zac, Sharon and Lowell using an axe to cut through the roots to finally get a hole deep enough to bury her.

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Brownie said...

I remembere that. Emma was huge - and odiferious. The odors that wafted from that dog.

But I remembered you called when she died.

And the next morning Sharon called me to say that Dad was in the hospital. She thought he had a heart attack. She told me to get home.

I hopped in the shower and was packing to leave, when Karen called and said - forget PR - get to Fargo.

That's another story I'm going to tell sometime....

but you may tell it now! :)