Thursday, February 12, 2009


I've been feeling a little blue this week and didn't really know why because the dismal weather we've having lately doesn't usually bother me. I know why now: my granddaughter who goes to college in Portland, OR sent me a serious of questions she asked me to answer. It's for a class she is taking. I'll post the questions now and post my answers later. Maybe it will give you something to think about. Ok- here they are:

1: At what age did you get married? What was it like to be dating/marryng a man that was 10 years older than you? Did your parents approve?

2: What did you look for in a lifetime partner?

3: In the 50's how were women viewed and men viewed?

4; What were the women's roles in society? What were men's roles? Did you agree with these roles?

5: How did you and grandpa decide on how to raise your children? Was there a specific way you wanted to raise them? Did grandpa have a different view? If so, how did you agree on this?

6: When your children were growing up, did you let them explore and be open to ideas about their gender, society stereotypes, etc or did you teach them how society viewed certain issues. For example, did you let your daughters play with cars in the dirt and did you let your sons play with dolls and play dress up or did you tell them that dolls and dresses are for females only and cars and dirt are for boys only.

7: What do you like about your role as a wife and mother? What did you dislike?

8: Because it's typical that husbands take the lead in households, did you have a lot of say in your marriage or was it whatever he says, goes? Was it hard to stand back and have him take the lead, even when you didn't agree? How did you handle that?

9: What was dating like when you dated? Do you think dating has changed with your children? Do you think dating now is different than when you dated? Do you think you will date again?

10: What was love like in your relationship? Was it love at first sight or did you love grow?

11: when there was a disagreement between you and grandpa, how did you two repair the hurt? Was there a time of thinking you didn't want to be married anymore and if so, how did you go on?

12: Now that grandpa is gone, how are you dealing with the separation? Do you think you are handling it well? What is/has been the hardest thing to deal with since grandpa?

Brownie - feel free to lend your view on your dad and me

and anyone else can chime in, too

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LindaSue said...

wow, it's depressing to me reading those questions thinking back from when I was growing up compared to now. So much of what she asks is acceptable in today's society, so much has changed.

I'm sure it is also bringing back some bittersweet thoughts and memories of your courtship and life with Lowell. What an honor to have been happily married so long and raised such a wonderful (yes, I said wonderful!) family. It is an inspiration and encouragement for so many others of us.....