Monday, April 13, 2009


This was the first Easter that I didn't have to play anything for any church service -not even a hymn. I don't think that has happened in all the years that I've been playing for church services. Although I enjoy playing for church it was kind of nice to be able to sit with my family -well, most of my family. Lowell's comment would have been. "It's about time" :) The early service was really nice. Lots of music and drama and an interpretive dance. And most importantly my 7 year old grandson was baptized.

Both daughters and their families were here and although the adults decided to sleep here the kids all went up the hill. We ate all the meals "up the hill" but people, big and little, were in and out of my house. It was a nice week end and when most of the family played softball Mathew and I watched. Changes are beginning again in our family. This was the first Easter without Lowell. Two of the grand kids have boy/girl friends that were here. And I wasn't the object of teasing this year as I have been in the past. That dubious honor has been passed to a daughter.

Most of the snow is gone in the yard. Yeah!!!! And I think I see just a hint of green here and there. Just hope that we don't get any snowstorms like we did last April. Like everyone else I will be really glad for green grass and green trees.


LindaSue said...

I wondered why you weren't in your usual spot! It really was a wonderful day...and I was thrilled to see Avery up there! And can't believe Scotty is taller than Hannah!

Brownie said...

Yes, I knew that the "dubious honor" was falling my way. The slide started a couple of years ago.

But I will pick on you one more time here - you spelled my son's name wrong! Only ONE T. I know he's going to thank me in the future for that spelling.