Monday, May 18, 2009

Another first

Yesterday was my birthday - the first without Lowell. He would have taken me out to dinner - we each would have had steaks :-) But instead I went to breakfast with my usual Sunday breakfast group - they sang to me and the waitress gave me a blueberry cupcake with a candle on it. When I got home there was a birthday greeting Karen on the answering machine; later Randy called from Arkansas - he was waiting to load for home (oregon); then Barbara called. Later I went up the hill to David's house for supper. Barbequed chicken and rice. Bria made a spice cake - one of my favorites. A number of cards and other birthday greetings. A pretty good day after all.

Except for the wind today was beautiful and warm. The first of many beautiful days to come I hope.


LindaSue said...

oh Jane! I didn't know it was your birthday! I'd have given you a big hug (except that we didn't make first service, so i probably wouldn't have seen you...).

Happy belated....

Feelin' the wind! said...

Happy belated birthday!!!! It is so good to hear from you, and now keep up with your blog too. It is anice day brightener to hear how everyone is doing up north! Just wish I had a piano to be playing so baby could here. It always helps me relax too!
Take care!

Brownie said...

This year has had its fill of "firsts". I was thinking at your recital that it was the first recital (that I know of) that Dad missed.

You know when you were over at Karen's I almost called him because he was alone at home?

BTW did you know Arby is blogging again? He's here