Friday, October 16, 2009

This was my grandparents house - it's a bit different now - has new siding. In the back my grandpa had built big gold fish ponds on both sides of the bridge that you see. Grandma had lots of dahlias and other flowers planted around the ponds. He built the bridge and light post from rocks he had collected. My cousin lived just a few blocks from here and we would often stop to visit and feed the fish on our way to the dairy that was just across the alley. He also had build a bird bath from rocks but that has long been gone. I loved that back yard. In the winter he would house the fish in big aquariums in the basement. I was only down there a few times because it was kind of scary as a kid. :) I don't know how many years he had the same gold fish but the were really big.

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Brownie said...

Thanks for posting the pictures of the houses! That was fun to see. I remember Great Grandma's house, too. I remember standing in the kitchen and she hugged me. I remember thinking it was squishy! lol