Tuesday, November 1, 2011

My goodness, it's been 8 months since I've blogged. Much has happened as most of you who read this blog know about. Although it's been only about 3 months since my knee surgery it seems much longer. My knee is doing well and I'm exercising 3 time a week. I have 5 sessions left at the hospital rehab excercising place and then I will have to look into something else. I was giving thought to continuing at the hospital (it costs some) or Anytime Fitness (cost more). Then I found out that my medical insurance will cover the whole cost if I go where Silver Sneakers is offered - Fitness Center in town. So I guess the decision is pretty much made for me. A friend of mine is involved with a swimming program a couple of time a week so I might look into that, too.

I need to keep up the excersising because I probably will have my other knee done next May. Piano lessons will be done, classic chorale concert will be done and opera rehearsals will not start until the end of June. So that seems like a logical time to have it done. Whatcha think?

My granddaughter, Hannah, is living with me for a while. She's taking classes for her LPN at Wadena and since she doesn't have classes everyday and works one day a week at the nursing home I suggested that she live with me. She lost her bedroom when she went to Moorhead state last year and a sibling took over her room :) She's lots of fun and easy to have around. My two little dogs love her. But she thinks I should get a kitty - NOT.

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