Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Ringer washer

Time for the ringer washing machine story: This is not a long one - I can almost feel it happen even now. I think we got the machine from Lowell's dad - Lowell's mom had died a few years before we were married and I don't think Harry knew how to work it. My sister-in-law probably did his washing for him. Anyway, Lowell hauled in water for me to heat on the stove and to fill the 2 tubs with cold water. I was really proud of myself for knowing how to use this machine. I did the white clothes first and so when Lowell's white shirt was next out of the water I folded the collar in half so it wouldn't wrinkle too much - guided it to the ringers- felt something - pulled my hand back and low and behold my whole thumb nail was gone!!!. Did you know that the thumb nail is actually quite long? Lowell found it and we showed the dr. All he needed to do was put a metal cap over my thumb and assure me that it would grow back. I'm not sure how long I wore that but having a metal cap on your left hand thumb is quite inconvenient.

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Brownie said...

I remember that story.

I also remember the story where you ran your fingernail under the sewing maching needle. Dad had to back it up to get it out.

That had to hurt bad.