Monday, May 19, 2008

It died!

Hannah ran up to the house yelling "the lawnmower is smoking!" Her mom answered "It always smokes" "But this time it's ON FIRE, too!!!" And so the demise of the lawnmower began. We've have this lawnmower for quite a number of years and although it did smoke a bit it still did the job both at our house and the house on the hill.
As Avery said - it was sad and kind of funny, too. As we watched it burn we noticed that fire was creeping into the grass in the pasture. So David, Sharon and several kids grabbed buckets of water. The men that were working on the road came up to see what was going on and proceeded to help with shovels. Had this been closer to the trees we would have been in big trouble but the mower died without any other damage.

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