Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Other music stuff

It's raining instead of snowing - thank goodness. I think we all had our fill of that white stuff but ya know. next winter we will look forward to the snow again.

We had to cancel the Chorale concert for Saturday, also. Now it is scheduled for June 5. It can't possibly snow then - can it?

I had my piano recital Friday night (May 2) and I will say that it was a success. Some of the string students of my friend, Jeff, played also. So violin, cello, guitar and piano were mixed together and it made for a very nice recital. My 2 grand daughters played a duet. One is from south of Fargo who practices with her mom and the other grand daughter lives just up the hill and practices with me. So they only had to play it once or twice Friday afternoon and they had it down pat. Then Bria played the duet with Clara at her recital Sunday afternoon. So now I'm done teaching until next Fall. Whew - but next Fall I'll be ready again.

Now onto other musical things. Today I started working with the HS choir along with the regular accompanist. I'll get to play different instruments using a Insoniq keyboard. The choirs are doing music from several musical with lots of choreography. Mrs. D sure puts a lot of energy into her choirs and especially the Spring concert - this year May 14.

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