Friday, June 13, 2008

Father's day

My father was a good man and a good provider and I know he loved me but I didn't know him very well. He was a master electrician by trade and loved his work. He had lots of hobbies: ham radio operator, hunting, fishing and photographer. My brother spent quite a bit of time hunting and fishing with dad but I never did. Now I don't know if that was my decision or dad's. I don't remember him ever asking me to fish or hunt with him - although I remember one time I went out in the boat with him. He fished and I read a book. Maybe that's when he decided I probably wouldn't want to be a fisherman but I enjoyed being in the boat with him and I have always loved the water. About the time I asked him to teach me the morse code (I thought ham radio was fascinating) I became interested in Lowell --- so much for morse code. :) So even though I knew what my dad did I don't remember ever talking with him much as a kid. Not like my sons do with their children.

When I was a little girl and then as a teenager mom and dad didn't get along very well and since dad loved his profession - home didn't seem to be a priority. In later years mom and dad learned to appreciate their differences for the most part.

The winter before he died he made 2 45 minute tapes about his life. I wish I had been able to listen to those tapes before he died because when I did listen to them I had questions. But I'm grateful for those tapes. I had a friend record them onto a cd so I could make copies for my kids.

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LindaSue said...

what a great legacy to leave to you all! My brother has been getting down "interviews" with my grandma, and my mom's parents have much of their lives documented.

I think one of the reasons why so many dads today spend more time with their kids is that it's socially more "acceptable" as well as greatly encouraged. There are still dads who are too busy to take time to spend with their kids or even may think it's too hard to relate to their kids so they don't even try, but they are missing out on so much! I see how Tony interacts with our children and think back on the fun times my dad spent with us, and I am so thankful for those two wonderful men in my life!