Thursday, June 5, 2008

My blue bike

I loved my blue bike even though it wasn't new and it was a boy's bike. I rode it everywhere. No matter where I went - to Grandma's, to my cousins, to my Aunts, even to town where my dad has his electric motor shop - I had to cross a brige and go up a big hill. But such fun going home!!! down hill all the way.

We lived just a couple of blocks from the park where my friends and I spent a lot of time. It was and still is a beautiful park. It had 3 levels so going to the lower level was lots of fun because it had 3 curves and you could really pick up speed. But coming up was really hard work. Ramsey creek flowed through the lower level with a bridge made out of stone by the CCC or WPA (works progress association)in the late 30's or early 40's. The pavillion was also made of stone by the same group of men. Sometimes my friends and I would pack a lunch and spend the afternoon on Ramsey Falls. Now that I think of it I'm surprised my mom let me do that because it was quite a drop from where we would sit to the water with lots of rocks between. Maybe she didn't know we did that. hmmmm.

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