Thursday, February 26, 2009

The last questions and answers

9: What was dating like when you dated? Do you think dating has changed with your children and do you think dating now is different than when you dated? Do you think you will date again?

I didn’t date much because I was interested in grandpa. So I don’t know much about the “dating game” when I was young. I do know that guys/gals did things in groups. And I think that is still the same. I’m sure that dating has changed. If the opportunity comes I may date - although I’m not sure I would call it “dating” I do miss the company of a man. It would be fun (but not yet) to have dinner or go to some event with guy.

10: What was love like in your relationship? Was it love at first sight or did love grow?

I think for me it was love at first sight and your grandpa always told me that he knew he wanted to marry me from the time I was a young girl. I didn’t quite understand that but that’s what he said. I suppose like a lot of married couples then and maybe even now it was mostly a physical relationship at the beginning but as time went on our love changed. It became the undercurrent of our lives - always there. We had fun and laughed a lot, worked hard, argued some, didn’t always understand each other and sometimes didn’t like each other but we loved each other always.

12: Now that grandpa is gone, how are you dealing with the separation? Do you think you are handling it well What is/has been the hardest thing to deal with?

I think I’m dealing with the separation well. I think that the fact that grandpa, as a truck driver, was gone for a week or two has helped. Also, since he was gone a lot, I was the one who took care of the finances. So I didn’t have to learn to balance a check book or pay the bills since I already knew how. Also I’m fortunate that I can live in this house as long as I want and that David and his family live so close to me. And I know that all my children care about me and “check in” every now and then. Another thing that has helped is that Sharon’s family has made me a part of their family. So many things I miss: having the outside light turned on when I come home at night; starting the truck when it was very cold so that it would be warm; his whistle; his giggle that only I heard; his “good morning”; his singing; his smile; so many things, but I what I miss most is feeling his arms around me.


LindaSue said...

I think I'd have liked to hear that giggle (but it's sure hard to imagine!)

Brownie said...

well I may not have heard that giggle. But I do distinctly remember his Yogi Bear giggle/laugh.

and his whistling. Blondie was whistling a song the other day - some very high notes and doing a good job. I said she reminded me of Grandpa - she said that's why she was practicing.