Saturday, February 21, 2009

Questions 7 & 8 & 11

7: What do you like about your role as a wife and a mother? What did you dislike?

I loved being a wife - I knew I was loved and I liked knowing I belonged to grandpa and he belonged to me. I don’t think there was anything about being a wife that I didn’t like. I enjoyed taking care of my kids when they were babies. It got harder because I was not a very good disciplinarian and so things were a bit chaotic at times. I enjoyed listening/talking with my children and still do. I didn’t like cooking or cleaning.

8: Because it’s typical that husbands take the lead in household, did you have a lot of say in your marriage or was it whatever he says, goes? Was it hard to stand back and have him take the lead, even when you didn’t agree? How did you handle that? 11: When there was a disagreement between you and grandpa. How id you two repair the hurt? Was there a time of thinking you didn’t want to be married anymore and if so, how did you go on?

When we were first married I was more than happy to let grandpa take the lead and don’t remember having a problem with it. But as I got older I developed an independent nature and sometimes grandpa and I were at odds about things. I discovered after we had been married for a long time that if I would just state my ideas and let him think about it for a while he was more willing to discuss. (I wish I had figured this out earlier in our marriage) As grandpa said I sometimes would run a subject into the ground ( and I know he tuned me out). He would
sometimes walk away from an disagreement because he thought it would turn into an big argument which is what he remembered from his childhood. But most of the time one of us would “give in” because the disagreement wasn’t worth continuing or important. There was never a time when I didn’t want to be married

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