Sunday, July 25, 2010

Music stuff

Tomorrow night begins our last 4 days of rehearsals before our opening night (Friday)of Godspell. It will be an interesting esperience. First of all we are in the Century school (middle school) instead of the high school because of the repairs being done. In the HS we always had a small orchestra that played "in the pit" so we couldn't really see what was happening onstage. The Century School doesn't have a pit so I can actually watch the rehearsal and performance. Our music ensemble consists of guitar, drums and bass and myself on keyboard. Again different. Here are a few pictures of rehearsals and the set as well as the inprovised seating area. I enjoy the rehearsal and performances of our operas but I'm always glad when they are done. Since there is so much music I have to be there every night from 6 - 10. Music is fun to play although somewhat challenging because a lot of it is jazz/rock. But I'm learning. Come if you can. Performances are July 30, 31,
August 1(3:00), 5,6,7


Arby said...

"Prepare ye the way of the Lord!"

Break a leg! That's a great show.

Thanks for stopping by Bedlam!

Brownie said...

umm.... maybe I'll come. Send me an email on cost, etc

joven said...

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