Friday, April 8, 2011


When I went to town today my first thought as I got onto the highway was "I think Spring is here" Most of the snow was gone in the ditches and fields. My yard is mostly dry although a few piles of snow are still around. For the first time in many years I don't have a "lake" down by the barn. Most years that "lake" extended from the barn way out into the west field. When my kids were young and "unafraid" they would build a raft and float out into the field managing to get under the fence but not managing to keep dry.

Most of my driveway is dry, too. However ----- I made two big holes when I backed up out of the garage. There were already "dips" there and with the melting snow I got stuck in the mud and as I tried to rock myself out I just suceeded in making the holes deeper and deeper and ---- well, I was so stuck that I listed to the left with both the front and rear tires mired in the mud. I had to have Sharon and Scott pull me out. I wont be putting my car in the garage for a while.

I can't imagine the stress and mess that the flood in Fargo and Moorhead is causing for the people in those cities as well as the surrounding communities. I'm so gratefull that I'm "dry"

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Brownie said...

I posted a few flood picture on my photo blog. We're doing real good where we are - not much over land flooding. The water is already off our road. Although it's pretty bad nearer to the river.

I didn't remember the raft. I do remember the lake frozen in the winter and playing "hocky" with sticks and frozen pig doo :)